The Lord's
School of Dance

What to Wear

All the dance wear below can be purchased through the school or at a few specialist shops in the city.

This is a list showing the necessary dance wear for class use. To order any dance wear please ask a member of staff. All items must be paid for on ordering.


Tots-Primary Grade

Pink “Capezio Empire Dress”
White Ballet Socks
Pink leather ballet shoes

with elastic

Hair neatly off the face in a low bun or ponytail.


White T-shirt
Navy Shorts
White ballet socks
Black ballet shoes with elastics

Grade 1 and above

Raspberry leotard
nk ballet tights
Pink leather ballet shoes with elastic
ir neatly off the face in a low bun

White leotard
Black stirrup tights
White ballet shoes
Black ballet shoes with elastic.


All Grades as ballet plus:
Black tap shoes with toe and heel taps

Modern Jazz

As ballet plus:
Bare feet or black split sole Jazz Shoes

Grade 1 and above
Black flared trousers

Black lycra top
Black flared trousers
Black split sole Jazz shoes

Black flared trousers

Theatre Craft

Tots - Primary Grade
As ballet

Grade 1 -2

As ballet plus black Greek Sandals

Grade 3 and above
As ballet plus tan new yorkers