The Lord's
School of Dance


Teaching Staff

Mrs Lisa Mitchell (known as Miss Lisa) I.D.T.A FBt, FMJ, FT, FTC

Mrs Mitchell began the school in 1992 and has sought to teach dance to a high standard. Mrs Mitchell has trained with such teachers as Emily Chadburn (Founder of the I.D.T.A), Cherienne Bailey (Fellow and past examiner with the I.D.T.A and the RAD), Vanessa Hooper (Ex-Royal Ballet School, Fellow and examiner I.D.T.A), June Gill (Fellow and examiner I.D.T.A) and Gina Turner (Fellow I.D.T.A). These extraordinary teachers have given her a wealth of knowledge to draw on and many years of shared experience.

Miss Rebecca Kirkland (known as Miss Rebecca) I.D.T.A Grad MJ, Grad T 1+2
Miss Rebecca trained through the school and took on a teaching role in 2002. She shows a flair for choreography and loves Tap and Modern Jazz. Her students show excellent exam results and have all caught her overflowing enthusiasm.  Miss Rebecca teaches both adults and children within the school.

Mrs Jodie McRae (known as Miss Jodie) I.D.T.A AMJ, AF, GradTC, Grad Bt 1+2, Grad T

Miss Jodie worked professionally in Spain both as a performer and choreographer. She intially trained at the Drakeford Academy but now continues her training at the school. Miss Jodie also teaches at her own dance school, Gemini, and works in many state schools across Sheffield delivering dance and fitness as part of the Healthy Living campaign.  She joined the school in 2003, and is a delight to work with.

Mrs Olivia Egan (known as Miss Olivia) I.D.T.A
Miss Olivia joined the teaching staff in 2007 and has gained her teaching certificates through the school. She is a lively member of staff that now heads up the drama and singing side of the school. She has worked as a choreographer for theatrical productions across the city and is also a performer herself. Creative and forward thinking, Miss Olivia brings a lot to the school.

Miss Claire Johnson (Known as Miss Claire) I.D.T.A AMJ,
Grad Bt 1
Miss Claire is the most recent addition to the teaching staff, joining us in 2011. She is a vibrant and creative teacher and a stickler for detail. She encourages the very best from everyone she comes into contact with. Miss Claire danced from the age of 4 and did her first teaching exam at 16, she leads the Contemporary discipline at the school alongside her other classes.  She is currently training in Sheffield to become a Secondary School Science Teacher.