The Lord's
School of Dance

Information For Parents

  1. All teachers will act in a professional manner and will seek to build a strong relationship with each student.

  1. All students are expected to be tidy in appearance. When the student looks like a performer they often work harder and achieve more! Please make sure that hair is neat and tidy and taken off the face and that all relevant shoes and dance wear are brought to each class.

  1. Please fill in the registration form in the "Contact Us" section and bring it to the school on your next visit. If your contact details change in the future, please let us know as soon as possible.

  1. We run the school on a 2 yearly cycle. In the first year (odd numbers) we focus mainly on technique and frequently hold exam sessions for the students to be assessed. In the second year we work on a large scale production at a local theatre to give each student the opportunity to perform in front of a live audience.

  1. We do expect good behaviour from each student and where this is not met the student in question will be asked to sit out for a while at the side of the class. If a child's behaviour is continually a problem the class teacher will be happy to discuss various options on dealing with the issue with the parent.

  1. There is enough parking for dropping off and picking up only, the car park is private and spaces are rented out to local people.  If you wish to go shopping in the town centre during your child's lesson there are other car parks close by that offer free hours. 

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